Beecrypt: Decentralized P2P Exchange Migretor

18 Mayo 2017

Bangalore India, May 18th, 2017

Beecrypt the Bangalore India based company, managed by highly specialized technology experts, successful entrepreneurs and veterans in semiconductor & fintech industry, is looking to leverage our talent pool for development of applications using the Ardor blockchain platform.

Beecrypt's flagship product "Migretor", a decentralized p2p Exchange for cryptocurrency & wallet, would be featuring:

  • Usability, easy to use application, which runs ubiquitously on all platforms
  • Secure, no custodian for user funds, users will be in full control with no trusted third party of their funds
  • Utmost transparency in exchanging in decentralized manner, by locally signing all transactions before broadcasting to network
  • Unprecedented privacy, with end-to-end encrypted message exchanging
  • Robust, effective against DDoS
  • On chain transactions
  • Cost effective exchange


Hariharan Parasuraman - CEO at Beecrypt:
Beecrypt is excited to develop Migretor on top of the Ardor blockchain platform as it offers the first real world solution to the blockchain bloat problem.

Lior Yaffe - Ardor core developer and co-founder of Jelurida B.V.:
We are delighted to work with Beecrypt on expending and enhancing the Ardor based application ecosystem. More information about the Ardor blockchain and the Jelurida private blockchain solutions is available at

About Beecrypt:
We are a group of blockchain technology experts who have contributed to peer-to- peer research, distributed open source projects and are closely following the technical advancements and regulations governing blockchain technology. We have deep expertise in the cryptography, blockchain, public and private scalable blockchain technology solutions. We will ensure that our blockchain technology solutions are customized to your every requirement.

AWFIS Space Solutions,
7th Floor, HM Vibha Towers,
Chikku Lakshmaiah Layout, Adugodi.